Organized from the 3rd, 4th and 5th Regiments,
South Carolina Colored Infantry, March 14, 1864.
Attached to the 3rd Brigade, Vogdes' Division,
District of Florida, Department of the South, to
April, 1864. Morris Island, S.C., Northern District,
Department of the South, to October, 1864. 1st
Separate Brigade, Department of the South, to
February, 1865. Garrison of Charleston, S.C.,
Department of the South, to August 1865.
Department of the South, to October, 1865.

SERVICE - Duty at Jacksonville, Florida, until
April, 1864. Moved to Hilton Head, S.C., then to
Folly Island, S.C., April 18. Duty on Folly Island,
Morris Island and Coles Island, operating against
Charleston, S.C., June 30 - July 10. Action on James
Island, July 2. Occupation of Charleston and Mt.
Pleasant, S.C., until August, 1865., and at various
points in South Carolina and Georgia until October,
1866. Mustered out, [April 25, 1866].
Officers of the 21st
USCT Regiment   

Milton S. Littlefield
Lieutenant Colonel
Augustus G. Bennett
Richard H. Willoughby

Edgar Abeel
Mahlon E. Davis
Joseph W. Dickinson
Edmond R. Fowler
Nicholas Mitz
John L. Poppe
Brantley G. Read
Henry Sharp
Charles Silva
Henry V. Stonehouse

First Lieutenant
Charles S. Allen
Adolphe Bessie
Wm. G. Cornwell
Charles A Dow
William H. Fish
Richard Gowers
Alexander Hay
George Hopper
John E. Jacobs
Adrianus Jansen
Henry M. Jones
Robert McLavy
Daniel George McMartin
Charles F. Richards
Thomas J. Robinson
George W. Wood

Second Lieutenant
Albert B. Ashley
Addison Blanchard
Charles F. Chase
Oscar L. Cook
George Durfee
Hiram O. Edgerly
Francis A.O. Grabner
Joseph B. Holmes
Prince Jenkins
Peter Meagher
James R. Rathbun
P.H. Warren

John M. Hawks

Assistant Surgeon
James F. Burdett
Nathan S. Roberts

Erasmus K. Jones
Edwin Slack
Organization of the
21st USCT
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