W. S. M. Pinkham's 1906 Report
to the Florida State Superintendent of Schools
for St. Johns County Public Schools
St. Johns County

Hon. W. M. Holloway, State Supt. Pub. Inst.,
Tallahassee, Fla.

Dear Sir: In compliance with your request I herewith submit the following report of the Public
Schools of St. John's County for the two years ending June 30th, 1906.

Since my report in 1904, we have built five new schoolhouses, and enlarged several school
buildings, in some instances, to twice their original capacity, at an aggregate cost of four thousand

Under the State High School Law we are operating one Senior High and Graded School with
twelve grades, thirteen teachers and four hundred pupils enrolled. In addition to Latin, French and
Spanish are taught, also stenography and typewriting.

We have two Junior High and Graded Schools, with nine grades each, with seven teachers, and
three hundred pupils enrolled, in one, and three teachers and one hundred and twenty-seven pupils
enrolled in the other. We have one Rural Graded School, with three teachers and one hundred
and twenty-one pupils enrolled.

Under the 80 per cent. law two schools only have had extended terms. I consider, however, this
law a move in the right direction. It has a tendency to improve the attendance of pupils.

We have no Special Tax School Districts in this county, and consequently have no Special Tax

I regard the enforcement of the regulation of the State Board of Education requiring all principals
of Senior High Schools to be holders of State Certificates, just and proper. Without such a
certificate, there is no evidence of their ability to teach the subjects required by the law to be
taught in the Senior High Schools of our State.

Our School Board is not in debt. The financial statement of June 30th, 1906, shows a cash balance
on hand of $1,544. The School Fund, however, is not sufficient for the successful operation of the

The old complaint of small salaries for teachers, applies to this county in its truest sense. In order
to establish and operate schools, within easy access to all the children of this sparely populated
county, employing teachers at salaries which would insure good work, our school fund would
have to be increased at least 25 per cent.

Respectfully submitted,

W. S. M. Pinkham,
County Superintendent
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