St. Johns County
Public Schools and Teachers
Public Schools -
Teachers and Schools 1882

School # 1 - St. Augustine
Principal Geo. A Frick
1st Assistant Miss M Watkins
Primary Department
Miss Fannie Rogero
Assistant Miss Nellie Mickler

School #1 - Catholic Department
Sister Alegisa Andreu, F Hernandez,
M Fance, G. Capo

School #2 - St. Augustine
Principal Jacob C Jordan
1st Assistant Miss M. E. Pomar
2nd Assistant Miss Anita Rolf

School #3 - Fruit Cove
Samuel Henley

School #8 - Coxcetterville
Miss L. V. Jones

School #9 -
Mrs. H. B. Davis

School # 10 - Near
Moses Jones replaced by
Saml W. Alvarez

School # 11 -
Tocoi Creek
N A Patterson

School # 13 -
Moccasin Branch
Rev Sister Clotilda

School # 14 - Cowpen Branch
L W Moss Resigned
replaced by Miss Nellie Pellicer

School # 15 - Matanzas
Miss Belle Floyd resigned
replaced by Dr. J S Lanning

School # 16 - Pellicer Creek
Miss Mattie Carter

School # 17 - Piney Grove
Moultrie Creek
Miss Iva Rainey

School # 22 - Bakersville
Miss E. B. Jones

School # 23 - Haw Creek
opened by citizens, the Board
of Public Instruction agreeing
to assist in defraying expenses
Miss Nancy Durrance

School # 25 - Moses Creek
Miss B Dupont replaced
by Mr. John P Weeks

School # 26 - Diego
John W. David
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