1863 Provost Marshall Report

Headquarters Provost Marshall General
Department of the South
Port Royal April 11th 1863

Col Jas F Hall
Provost Marshall General Dept of the South


Surgeon Snow reports to me that Dr Hiems and Mr. Stephen Bacon, two very old men brought here
from St Augustine under an order of General Hunter that all persons who had relatives in the rebel
army and who would not take the oath of allegiance should be sent beyond the lines  It appears that
the Commandant at St. Augustine, after these men were placed on board the Us transport to be sent
to Jacksonville assumed to send them here.

Surgeon Snow assures me that these men are old and that they are both declining in health and that
although they are rebels, yet they can do no harm if sent away, and will probably die if detained here.
They desire to be sent back to St. Augustine. Dr Hiems has a son in the rebel army. He claims to
reside in Virginia.

At the solicitation of Dr Snow, I apply to you for instructions in the premises. Mr. Gladding is still
very ill. The surgeon entertains serious apprehensions as to his recovery. General Hickman assumed
command here this morning. Do you not need the troops recently returned? I cannot see the necessity
for them here. The news from N C is quite unfavorable. It is reported that General Foster is
surrounded by the enemy, batteries in his rear. Your family is quite well. Everything in your
department goes on smoothly. I forward you sever copies of your Genl Ord No. W. Perhaps you
may need them for distribution. We are in anxious suspense concerning option. We are in anxious
suspense concerning operations of the army and navy. If the navy should fail you must engineer them
out of Charleston.

I have the honor to be

Your Obedient Servant

Geo S Batcheller

Lt Col 115th N Y Vols A Dep

Provost Marshall Genl

Dept of the South

Office of the Provost Marshall
St Augustine Fla June 14th 1863


I have just finished administering the Oath of Allegiance and the issuing of Descriptive Passes to the
inhabitants at this Post, with the following exceptions. To a few persons who are invalids and upon
whom I shall call during the present week and to the Rev Edward Aubriel, Rev Bernard Aubance
and Rev F Katrio Kirby, priest officiating at the Cathedral of St Augustine in this City, and also to
Mary Aloysious, Mary Evangelista, Mary Magdalenia and Mary Monica, sisters of Mercy at the
Convent of St Mary in this City and to the Misses Luzzie and Ellen Hennery boarders at the said
Covenant. The above named persons have expressed a desire to me to take the Oath of Neutrality
and I am now waiting for instructions from you as to the course I shall pursue with them. Your order
in relation to the "Examination of Passes" is received and before executing it, I would ask whether it is
necessary at this Post, in as much as I have just issued the Passes, and know that there can be no
reason of taking the Oath by anyone at this Post. Four orders concerning those "desiring to escape
the Draft" and the "Sale of Wines, Liquors and Ales are received and will be immediately obeyed. I
send to you by this Steamer five men named Richard Parker, William Loach, William Barrow, John
Barrow, and Jackson Knowles. Richard Parker and William Louch were conscripted by the
Confederate authorities fled, and arrived at this post June 3rd 1863. John Barrow, William Barrow
and Jackson Knowles were privates in Capt Oakes Co Con Inf, deserters and arrived at this post
June 13th 1863. I also send you the Registry of Descriptive Passes issued and of Oaths administered
at this Post to June 14 1863. I also send you a letter addressed to Andrew Floyd, prisoner at Hilton
Head, containing eight dollars, one addressed to Bartolo Genovar prisoner at Hilton Head containing
two dollars and one addressed to William Gardiner prisoner at Hilton Head containing two dollars, all
of which I have receipted for, and a box and parcel for Bartolo Genovar. I understood that some
furniture sent from here for Lehr Middleton was seized at Hilton Head and now remains there. I am
directed by Col R Hawley Co what the furniture is old family furniture belonging to a Mrs. Cobb, a
loyal woman residing at the North, and has been in the charge of Mrs. Clarissa Anderson, a loyal
woman living in this City, at whose request it was sent North to protect it from any accident that
might happen to it here

O S Sanford

Capt 7CV Provost Marshall

To James F Hall
Lt Col and Provost Marshall General

Hilton Head SC

Received the within expressed letters

Bartolo Genovar
William Gardner
Andrew Floyd
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