Ponce de Leon Artist Studios
St. Augustine FL
With the opening of the Ponce de Leon Hotel artists were invited to rent studios and create and sell
their works to the public. Today the building is used by the Flagler College art students.  The artists who
painted here include Felix de Crano, Martin Heade, Frank Shapleigh, W. Staples Down and George
Seavey. The studios were active between 1888 and 1909.

Notice the Palm pillars holding up the second story. This is used through several houses in the St.
Augustine to either hold up front porches or as decoration.
Flagler Construction 1885 to 1890
Flagler Era 1890 to 1900
Ponce de Leon Hotel
Ponce de Leon Entrance
Ponce de Leon Rotunda
Ponce de Leon Grand Parlor
Ponce de Leon Dining Room
News Article of 1889 opening
Signor Jovine - 1889 Singer
The Fame of the Ponce de Leon Hotel
Chemist at the Ponce de Leon Hotel
Count Prokaski
Harry Flagler Takes Charge of Hotel
Osborn Seavey
Robert Murray
Flagler Sewer System
Flagler Laundry
Flagler Statute
Artists Who Created Hotel
Carrere and Hastings
McDonald and McGuire
Clarence B. Knott
Ponce Studio Artists
Cuban Giants at Ponce de Leon Hotel
Reception for Mrs. U. S. (Julia) Grant at
the Ponce de Leon Hotel
William J Hammer
Electricity in St. Augustine
Seavey House
Henry Morrison Flagler
Alcazar Hotel
Casa Monica or Cordova
Flagler Hotel Competition
Joseph Greaves
Coast Guard Alters the Ponce de Leon Hotel
Ida Alice
Florida East Coast Railroad
Hotel Sneak Thief
Ponce de Leon Art Studio
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