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Florida Times Union
June 3 1896

A Successful Entertainment Given by  W.C.T.U.
The entertainment given at the St. George last night, by the local W. C. T. U. to riase funds to
furnish copies of the
Physiology Journal to the teachers of the St. Johns county schools, was
both a financial and social success. Among those taking part were Mrs. Terwilliger, a
sweet-voiced singer, the Misses Pryhn, violin and piano accompaniment, and Miss Winnie
Young, pianist. Mrs. Dr. T. E. B. Kernan read an original poem and made a success on
entering St. Augustine's literary field. Creams, ices and cakes were served. Mrs. Dr. Rainey
and Miss Mary Renolds were in charge, and had the assistance of Mrs. V. Colee, Mrs. D.
Colee, Mrs. Noonan, Mrs. M. R. Bean, Miss Maud Stanbury, Miss Adams, Miss Foster,
Miss Virgie Markle, Miss Hudson, and other beauties. Mrs. S. Hamilton Day received with the
promoters of the affair. Every denomination was represented. The ladies and gentlemen of the
Teachers Institute took part.

The following was adopted by the teachers who attended the St. John's Teachers' Institute just

"Any effort put forth to raise the standard of education, with a view to mould intelligent and
more worthy citizens in a community, is praiseworthy. The institute just closed, provinga profit
and pleasure to all concerned, was a right step in a worthy cause.

"Whereas, such a method of diffusing knowledge--directly upon us, as teachers and indirectly
upon those with whom we come in touch, as adopted by the board of public instruction of St.
Johns county, and executed by such a corps of astute, and amicable instructors as Profs. O. P.
Sternes, A.M. Phd., H. O. Ham and J. W. McCrung is far-reaching in its influence for good:

"Whereas, Having attended said institute and know of, its intrinsic value, we have a keepn
conception of its wonderful efficacy (if continued) in displacing ignorance with knowledge; and,

"Whereas, through the influence of the ladies of the W. C. T. U. of this city we have been
gratuitously made the recipients of the Physiology Journal, edited by Miss Mary H. Hunt of
Boston, Mass., therefore be it

"Resolved, that we, the colored teachers of St. Johns county, do most heartily appreciate these
tokens of kindness and honorable board for their liberal provision in our interest to the
instuctors for their patience and energy.
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