Dr. Bronson's St. Augustine History
1869 City of St. Augustine Registration
The following document contains the voter registration list from the first election after the Civil War where Africian -Americans granted the
right to vote.

Imagine yourself in this line. Just a short 8 years earlier the voter standing next to you may have been your property (or your master).  I
imagine that some of these individuals standing in line wore their blue uniforms.  Many of men in line were the black union veterans of
St.Augustine.  The commander of the 33rd Regiment (1st South Carolina) had already declared that the actions of this troop (which
included many of the St. Augustine soldiers) were the cause of the acceptance of black troops in the North (they fought in the first
engagement with the Confederate army) and that the Africian-American struggle for voting rights started from the actions of these men
durring the war.

Getting the right to vote is not as easy as keeping it. Over the following 40 years various measures were put into place to remove or
marginalize African-American voters. The last reconstruction office holder was shot in the 1900's by a city deputy in council chambers
because the deputy didn't like the way the councilman was talking about his request for new police uniforms.

Getting the right to vote is not as easy as keeping it. Over the following 40 years various measures were put into place to remove or
marginalize African-American voters. The last reconstruction office holder was shot in the 1900's by a city deputy in council chambers
because the deputy didn't like the way the councilman was talking about his request for new police uniforms. Of course, one other group is
missing from this voting roll --- women.  After the civil war there was a great movement to give women the right to vote also, but the
movement was compromised when it was decided that sufferage for the black male should be completed first.  The opportunity was lost
for another 50+ years.

Public Notice is hereby given that the Books of Registration for Voters of the City of St. Augustine Fla are open at the Office of the Clerk
of the City Council in the City of St. Augustine August 3rd, 1869
Chas D. Segui
Clerk of City Council
I do solemnly swear that I will support protect and defend the Constitution and Government and of the State of Florida and
Government of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith, loyalty and allegiance to the same, any
ordinances or resolution of any State, Convention or Legislature to the contrary notwithstanding So Help Me God.

1 Van Ness
2 Chas D Segui
Geo W Atwood   (Editor note: one of the founders of the St. Johns County Republican party)
4 H H Snow
5 John C Canova
6. Wm Mickler
7 Chas F. Hopkins
8.  Wm J Watkins
9.Joseph V Hernandez
10. Frank H. Palmer
11.John B. Swtickney
12. James Hartstoon
Oliver Bronson Jr. (Editor note County Commissioner of St. Johns County)
N D Benedict
15. Fatio Dunham
16. John F. Carr
17. David L Dunham
18. Joseph Leonardy
19  B Cierrova
20. James Canova
21. Cileolial Leonardy
22. Frank Genovar
23 Frank Medicis
24  William G. Ponce
25. Jno. G. Livg?
26.  Francis P Ferreica
27.John I. Darling
28  E. B. Usina
29.  J R. Benet
30 Tiforman
31. Wm G Fineira?
32.  Alonzo Hernandez
33.Jos J Llambias
34  F. C. Avssau?
35. Llambias
36. William Papy  CÂ  (Editor Note: First Africian American registered - Private
21 Regt, Company A)
37Antonio Papy  C (Editor Note: Private
21 Regt, Company A)
38. Michael Usina
39. John Manucy
40   L Rogero
41 Michale Fowrdez c
42 William Van Dyke C (Editor Note: Corporal,  
33 Regt, Company I)
43. Adam Floyd c  (his mark) (Editor Note: Corporal,
33 Regt, Company I)
44. Limas Gibbs c (his mark)
45.Ansleur Williams c (his mark)
46.Joseph Andreu (his mark)
47.  Ramon Hernandez
48.Pedro Benit
49.James H Lang c (1st Sgt.
33 Regt, Company D)
50.Joseph Leonardy
51.Joseph Capo
52.Francis Net
53.Crecencio Pacetty
54.Clouido Andreu
55.John Capo Sr (his mark)
56. Balum Waters c (his mark)
57. Antonio Ximanies
58.Joseph Pacetty
59. John L Dumott
60.James Pellian
61 John Phillips
62.Venuncio Sanchez
63. Antonio J. Nodz?
64.William Sanchez
65.Geo Burt
66.Jno N Nimmy?
67  J Hume Simon's MD
68.Antonio Pellicer
69 Roscoe Perry
70.Frank Triay
71.H Delors?
72.Hector Adams c (his mark)
73.J Pacetty
74.Frank Papy c (his mark) (Editor note: Corporal,
21 Regt, Company A)
75.Nicholas Grauger c (his mark)
76.Celestial Segui
77. Domingo Stephen c (his mark)
78. Domingo R. Pacetty (his mark)
79. Wm B Minarda
80. J W Allen
81  A B Pacety
82 Joseph Bennett Jr  (his mark)
83  Augustine Lopez  (his mark)
84.  L Williams
85.  Joseph Deuuet Sr (his mark)
86. Alcilmo Bennet (his mark)
87. B C Mauetue?
88. Antonio Andreu Jr. (his mark)
89. Ignatio Lopez (his mark)
90. Jas P Burringh?
91. Christopher Pomar
92. Clodio Reyes (his mark)
93. Thomas Falany (his mark)
94. Daniel Allen
95. John Reyes
96. Daniel J. Mickler
97. Antonio Lopez Sr.
98. Gabriel S. Pomar
99. John M Guire
100 Just F. Lopez
101.Peter D Master
103.Charles F Perpall
104.Benj Piley c
105.Nicholas Rogero
106.Bartalo Oliveros
107.Stephen Benjamin c (his mark)
108.Ant Pautty
109.A. M. Lopez
Paul Arnau
111.Casemasa Masters
112.Tolomay Ponce
113.Andres Ximenies
114. Tom Williams c (his mark) (Editor note: Private
21 Regt, Company A)
115. John F Pacetty
116.Francis B Andson
117.William Genovar
118.Louis Martin c (his mark)
119.William Nattiel c (his mark)
120.John Lomez
121.S. Usina
122.Cornelius Blauchard (his mark) c
123.Larirro? Allen
124.William Ward
125.Philip Benjamin c (his mark)
126. Felix Pacetty (his mark)
127. Emanuel Masters
128. Matthew Solana
129. Toney Whertus c (his mark)
130. Frank Sanchez
131. William Benjamin c (his mark)
132. Anastacio Capellia
133. William Hernandez
134. George H Walton
135. Gabriel Pacetty
136. Charles G. Fostes
137. Raymond L. Irvin
138. George Leonardy
139. Oliver C. Greeno
140.  John P. Lopez
141.  Bartolo F. Oliveros
142.  Richard McKinney c (his mark) (Editor Note: Private, 33 Regt, Co. F)
143.  Edward Benjamin c (his mark)
144.  Ens? Medicis
145.  Andreu Lopez
146.  M P. Andreu
147.  Edward Thompson c (his mark)
148.  Bartolo Rose
149. Godfrey Foster
150. Bartolo Segui (his mark)
151. Venancio Capo (his mark)
152.  Frank Granger c (his mark)
153.  J. M. Hanson
154.  William Armstrong c (his mark)
155.  William Hulau c (his mark)
156.  Benjamin Martin c (his mark)
157.  Benjamin Delancy c (his mark)
158.  David Holmes c (his mark)
159.  John L Leonardy
160.  Pablo Gray c (his mark) (Editor note: Corporal, 21 Regt, Company A)
161. Handy Growles c (his mark) (Editor note: Private 33 Regt., Company A)
162. William Pomar
163.  Donato Bravo
164  William Capo (his mark)
165.  Emanunel Andreu (his mark)
166.  Severino Cappela (his mark)
167.  Ramon Rogero
168. William Capo
169. Domingo Lopez (his mark)
170. George Gionople
171. Gasper Masters
172. Nat Rowser c (his mark)
173.  Peter Pomar
174.  Antonio Andrew Sr (his mark)
175.  Florence Baya
176.  Wm Keyes
177.  Bartolo Ponce Sr (his mark)
178. Antonio Pomar (his mark)
179. Bartolo Lopez (his mark)
180. Bartolo Pacetty Sr (his mark)
181. John R. Anduces
182.  Peter F. Segui
183. Miles Hancock c (his mark)
184. Martin Canova (his mark)
185. G W. Walton
186. B A. Masters
187. Bartolo Masters (his mark)
188. Joseph S. Sanchez
189. Sike Sauders c (his mark)
190.  John S. Masters
191.  xxx
192. Simon Sanchez c (his mark) (Editor note: Sgt., 33 Regt., Company F)
193. Gabriel E. Cleaver c (his mark)
194.  Jacob Glover c (his mark)
195.  Daniel Brown c (his mark)
196. Isaac Warren c (his mark)
197.  John Robinson Jr. c (his mark)
198.  D R. Usina
199. Frank Johnson c (his mark)
200.  Daniel Session c (his mark)
201.  R. H. Gordon
202. Edward Snowden (his mark)
203.Anastacio Benjamin c (his mark)
204.Frank Travis c (his mark)
205. Jacob Wilson c (his mark)
206. Richard Nattiel c (his mark) (Editor note: Private, 21 Regt, Company A)
207.  Louis Crosby c (his mark)
208.  Columbus Wells c (his mark)
209. Mead Johnson c (his mark)
210. Aaron Fieldings c (his mark)
211. Irvine Drysdale
212.  Disidario S. Masters
213.  John Capo Sr.
214.  Siladony Pallicer
215.  Andrew J Pellicer
216.  John Britt
217.  Mathis Leonardy Jr.
218.  Raphael F Ximanies
219.  Antonio Pomar
220.  Cornelius Dupont
221.  William Andrew (his mark)
222.  Antonio Andreu Jr (his mark)
223.  August Gettus c (his mark)
224.  Samuel Polite c (his mark)
225.  Morris Wuidly? c (his mark)
226.  Jacob Gibbs c (his mark)
227.  Nathaniel Jackson c (his mark) (Editor's Note: Corporal, 33 Regt., Company A)
228.  W. F. Foster
229.   John Graper
230.  Jerry Dayle
231.  Ecedro Triay
232.  Francis Rogero
234. James A. Ponce
235. Diego Hernandez
236. Andreu J. Goss
237.  Tony Young c (his mark)
Andrew Anderson
239.  Joshua W. Gilbert
240.  James A. Mickler
241.  Peter B.Dumas
242.  Jack Smith c (his mark)
243.  John Andreu
244.  T A Pacetti
245.  John Newman c (his mark)
246   Gui S. Greeno
247.   Henry H Neligan
248  Amos W. Corbitt
249.  John O Canova
250.  George Pepino c (his mark)
251.  D. J. Llambias
252.   ? Howar?
253.  Frank H Greatorex
254.  B. A. Pacetti.
255.  Matias Leonardy Sr.
256.  Joseph Ferreira
257.  Peter Masters Sr.
258.  John Segui (his mark)
259.  Frank D Genova
260.  Burroughs E. Carr
261. Charles K Sparhawk
262.  John W. Welters c
263.  James B. Ponce
264.  Israel McKinney c (his mark)
265.  George Edwards c (his mark)
266.  Port Royal Tom  c his mark
267. Ramon Canova
268  William Wilson c (his mark)
269.  Alexander F. Avrce
270.  Micheal Valley c (his mark)
271. Alexander Iwanowski
272. Henry H. Williams
273.  Fredrick Myer (his mark)
274.  Felix Raute (his mark)
275. Joseph Palmer
276.  George Pierray?
277.  Emanuel Osborne c (his mark)
279.  Richard Horn c (his mark
280.Jack Mungin c (his mark)
281. John Harrison c (his mark)
282. J ?? Ray
283.William Wright c (his mark)
284.  M. Neligan
285. R. Von Balsan
286. Wm M Hagan (his mark)
287. Daniel Moss
288. ???
289 Witsell c
290  F P Lopez c
291.  Alexander McNeil c (his mark)
292.  C. D. Humphreys
293. Patrick Murphy
294.  Peter Reddick c (his mark)
295  Edward Houston c
296. Thos F. House
297  H. I Smalls c
298. Joack Pasco c (his mark)
299.  Thomas Williams c (his mark)
300. C. Bravo
301 Stephen Floyd
302.   Simon Williams c (his mark)
303 Mark Manucy
304.Jake Steward c
305 Peter Triay Sr
306  J. D. Stanberry
307. Gomocindo Sallas
308.  Charles Guilands c (his mark)
309 Lewis Capo
310 Benj Stevens
311. Larry Galloway c
312. James P. Sanchez
313. William Monson
314. John Kinss?
315. Philip Capo
316. Philip Gomer
317. Bartolo Savell c his mark

Letter on back of roll
St. Augustine Sept 1869
Dan Smith
Dear Sir
? Letter has been received and ? noted. Enclosed please find a post office order for $50.00 which please place to my credit I am sorry that
I can not remit more at present but circumstance are such that I met with a pretty  heavy loss by the soldiers which was my only trade
and therefore I am put back a little longer than I expected. I would have written you before but knowing that you was absent on business
was the reason I did not write. I have been offered credit in Savannah but I would not accept having been trading with you for some time
and therefore I have always been ? with kindness by you and the old firm which I am more than obliged.

Please send me 20 galls whisky 10 galls of good American gin and oblige yours respectfully I did not see any credit for 3 keys draft ale
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1869 City of St. Augustine Registration
1869 City of St. Augustine Registration
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